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Indata TrialDirector® combines audio/video depositions with smooth scrolling transcript to captivate the jury in a way that is virtually impossible with printed transcript. Synchronized Digital Video Transcripts (DVT), available from many litigation support firms nationwide, can be created from common DVD's, memory cards, VHS, mini-DV tapes, and standard ASCII transcripts, making the advantages of using TrialDirector immediately apparent.

With TrialDirector's clip wizard, clip creation is simply a matter of searching the transcript with one of the many search tools and highlighting the text selections to be included in the clip and that’s it.

TrialDirector takes you from transcript search to a dynamic TrialDirector presentation in a few clicks.

New features, such as the Word Index allow users to click on a keyword within the index to automatically jump to the associated transcript and video point. The Word Index is an invaluable deposition review tool, using the power of synchronized digital video transcript.

Another feature allows users to query all transcripts in a given case, using Boolean search methods. Search results are hyperlinked, which allows users to directly jump to the associated digital video transcript page/line point to review. Search results are also expandable.

Printing deposition case data is easy and robust. Print reports of DVT clips, condensed transcripts, and word indexes. A Print Preview feature let you preview and setup page attributes prior to printing.

TrialDirector's capabilities extend beyond depositions. Any audio or video that has a corresponding transcription, such as court proceedings or phone conversations can be converted into a Digital Video Transcript and used with TrialDirector. Even import regular ASCII text transcripts to use TrialDirector's clip creation, Word Indexing, and searching capabilities.

With the wide range of possibilities, evidentiary review has become state of the art.

  • One Step Clip Creation
  • Direct printing of all reports to Adobe PDF.
  • Extended Options dialog options.

  • Use custom Graphic.

  • Confirm identifier and description when creating a new Clip.

  • Use custom formatting for Clip identifier.

  • Confirm before splitting Segments when manually creating Clips.

  • Split Segments at multimedia breaks.

  • Split Segments to exclude objections.

  • Split Segments to exclude silence over seconds.

  • Batch Compound Media Transcript import.

  • Support Drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer to the Case Explorer of CMS, ASCII, and AMICUS files.

  • Support for drag-n-drop of Clip and Exhibit objects from TrialDirector directly into TrialDirector.

  • Ability to create DocumentDirector Exhibit from selected Transcript text.

  • Display of un-indexed transcripts to Search results.

  • Option to “Create New Clip from Selected Text…” to Clip and context menus.

  • Option to “Add Selected Text to Clip XYZ-123-0001” to Clip and context menus.

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