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    In-Trial Presentation

    LegalX has years of experience presenting exhibits, charts, graphs, photographs, video, animation, and synchronized deposition video clips in mediations, hearings, and trials.  You need your various exhibits brought up quickly and accurately when called upon.  You need your video to be clear and visible throughout the courtroom.  You need your audio heard by everyone.  When documents need to be zoomed in upon, highlighted, or marked up live, you need a presenter who will present your documents in the way you expect.  You don't want to put up with bumbling or equipment glitches because it wasn't set up properly.

    LegalX uses the latest presentation tools and can also work with Powerpoint presentations.  We'll go through as many dry-run throughs as needed for a professional presentation when it counts.  You don't want inexperienced trial presenters who can hurt your case with one slip-up.  Contact LegalX.

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