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High speed copying has become an essential element of document management and control for the legal community. Speed in copying is critical in today's fast paced environment.. The idea of making copies in itself sounds easy enough, but there are some key guidelines that should be followed.

Production Size

How big is my project? This can usually be answered by how many documents, or boxes of documents are to be copied. One full box usually contains around 3000 - 3500 documents. Check to see if your documents are two-sided. If a majority of your documents are two-sided, this can as much as double your document count which will be critical when estimating accurate turn-around time and cost.

Turn around time

When do I need my project back? The answer to this question is almost always, as soon as possible. The reality is this: if you have up to, or less than half of one box, you can almost always expect it back in two to three hours. If your project consists of one to two boxes, you can expect a same day turn around. If your project is two to five boxes, the project should be back to you by the next morning. If your project consists of more than five boxes, always call for a estimate on turn-around time.

Specialty Projects

Does my project have any specialty items? Specialty items may include bate labels or stamping, laser color and laser black & white copying, binding and tabs. Many of these procedures require additional time. If you know your project has any specialty items or instructions, always let your account manager know first in order to insure that the project is completed exactly the way you want it.

High speed copying is the easiest and fastest way to make duplicates of your documents. If you follow these guidelines, you can make your experience with copying much less painful. It only takes one missed instruction to jeopardize an entire project. Be thorough and specific with your instructions as you work with your account manager and take the time to make sure he/she fully understands what your needs are. In addition, always discuss the cost of your project before you release it to your account manager so you won't be surprised by any unanticipated cost or charges. 

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