LegalX Animation Examples

Animation Examples
The Sandcone Method
The video below is a presentation created to demonstrate the procedures involved in a common geotechnical process:
Proper Window Installation Procedures
This animation presentation illustrates a home construction procedure for installing a window assembly:
Atlas v. Apex
Animation work done for patent infringement case. This involved a real-world potato chip packaging machine against the provisions set in a patent.
Big Rock Canyon
This animation presentation shows the domino effect starting with a brush fire in the Malibu hills. The following winter was unusually rainy and caused severe mudslides that caused major damage to homes by the shore.
Dealing With Drainage Issues (Construction)
A housing tract was not constructed with proper drainage handling. Remedying this situation requires a large-scale project involving heavy equipment, many man-hours, digging up yards, and a re-construction of everything that was destroyed.
Market Fire (Walk-through)
An electrical fire occurred in a market due to an improper electrical connection. This presentation shows how a 6 ft. service person would not be able to see the faulty connection while performing a routine check.
Storyboard Example (PDF)
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