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    Do you expect to present your case at a VSC, MSC, mediation, arbitration or trial? Roger Sinker will help you develop a case strategy using the latest tools of technology. With over 18 years of trial experience as a Sr. trial consultant, he will unify the communication tools that will help your experts communicate their option clearly and effectively to the jury. You and your experts will be empowered with the communication tools that provide the valuable difference in the outcome of presenting both issues of liability and damages. Sometimes, just one admissible case timeline board, introduced in your closing statement, bolted firmly to its foundation by witness and expert testimony can become a powerful point of focus for the judge, mediator, arbitrator or jury.

    With just a laptop at your table or podium a large screen and LCD projected color video next to the witness stand, you can instantaneously recall any one of your exhibits at random and let jurors see and easily read any admitted document at the same moment it's the subject of testimony. Through the computing power of our trial presentation software, you can enhance any document prior to trial. Or, for dramatic effect, highlight, enlarge by zooming in on, or call out (like on "60 Minutes") key phrases right in front of the jury.

    Add an Overhead Presenter to your presentation system, and anything you can hold in your hand, you can display in living color on the screen with a magnifying power that lets jurors read the words on the face of a dime. With more than 18 years experience as a lead trial consultant, Roger Sinker can collaborate with you to design concept boards, animations, and cost-effective presentations that balance the more traditional types of demonstrative exhibits with the Power of Digital.

LegalX Consulting
Design your demonstrative evidence

presentation in collaboration with

LegalX's in-house consultant who also

draws upon his 18 years experience as a

trial consultant.
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